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Vitamin E. keep your Health Maintain

Vitamin E. keep your Health Maintain

Do you know that vitamin E is a basic need for both men and women? According to research 30% of women face lack of vitamin E and other minerals. In most of women with age factor this danger gets increase. This is a fact that all vitamins and minerals are essential for the growth and health of human body. Although vitamin E is an important anti-oxidant. This vitamin resists against many disease and also makes metabolism strong. Anti-oxidant has a capability to eliminate free radical. Free radicals are basically unstable compounds that are dangerous for cells. Vitamin E also reduces cholesterol and also reduces the danger of cancer.  Many diets and foods and dry foods like olive, spinach, broccoli, papaya, sun flower, pumpkin seed, almonds, and flute contain rich quantity of vitamin E.

Beautiful Skin: vitamin E is consider useful for skin. It protects capillary walls and increase flexibility and moisture. It works like an anti-aging food. According to research vitamin E eliminates inflammation of external and internal human body that keeps skin healthy and young. Vitamin E also increase the production of re generation in cells. Besides all that it is very useful for the treatment of stains, and pimples.

Healthy Hairs: vitamin E is a strong antioxidant that protects your hair from bad environment and its impacts. If you use vitamin E in your hair it intact moisture and keep them safe from dryness and dandruff as well. If you use shampoo contains vitamin E then it is best for your hair and if you use some drops of vitamin E in your hair they keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Useful for Eyes:   vitamin E helps to reduce macular degeneration that cause by age factor that is also an important reason of eye vision problems. Vitamin E can be used to cure eyes and it defends blindness against age factor. You can improve your eye side and vision better if you use vitamin E with reasonable quantity of vitamin C, beta karton and zinc.

Reduce Heart Problems: in both men and women cause of death are more due to heart problems compare to other disease. Vitamin E produce power of resistance in human body to protect against different disease more effectively. It reduces blood clots in arteries and also reduce lipoprotein low-density in human body. So that is why vitamin E produce resistance in human body more effectively to reduce the causes of heart disease and many other factor and cure them.

Balanced Harmons: vitamin E has natural capability to balance Harmons. If Harmoons are imbalanced there might be many causes of it as increase weight, allergy, urinary tract infections, and change in the skin, nervous stress, and tiredness. If women maintain balance of Harmons they can keep their health maintain.

Reduce Impacts of Medical Treatment: vitamin E sometimes try to reduce the dangerous impacts of radiation and dialysis. The reason of this it is an important and strong anti-oxidant that fight against free radical. It has ability to fight against losses caused by drugs. It is best cure against hair loss and lungs disease. 


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