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Six Best Smart Phones

Six Best Smart Phones

This is an era of technology. New models in smart phones technology are coming up every day in the market with huge displays and features. Galaxy S8 is a new product from Samsung in these products. Mostly customers’ gets confuse when they see variety of phones in the market. Whether what should they buy and what they should reject. So what customers mostly see in the smart phone while buying it? Its screens size, camera, operating system, battery life, and yes its price. Time by time displays of smart phones getting bigger and bigger. Right now up to 6 inches display smart phone is available in the market. So while buying smart phone keep in mind the screen size whether you are able to carry your phone in your hand or not. Right now two operating systems are famous. One is IOS that is being used in iPhone and second one is android that is being used in almost all phones and it is common. Some phones are also using windows OS but it is not very famous between users. The reason is most of the apps are not installing in windows phone. Windows phone is being made by Microsoft.  Cameras are getting importance now in smart phones and now professional features cameras are being installed in new smart phones.

Apple iPhone 7: Samsung, LG and Hawaii are giving tough competition to each other. But iPhone is still on the top and its speed is unique. It can be unlocked with finger print and it has 12 MP camera which has very good result. It has apple operating system which needs no introduction. It has most useful and quality applications. That are 1.5 million in number. It is available in 32, 128 and 256 GB rom and with good memory as well. If you are using apple laptop then it’s must to buy apple iPhone. As both have same apps and easy to use.

Samsung Galaxy S8: the new Samsung phone is very beautiful. It has normal display of 5.8 which is little small so you can carry it in hand easily. It can be unlocked with finger print. It can also recognize your face. It has camera up to 12 mega pixel and opens immediately. Its camera give excellent result even in low brightness. Battery life is also good and you can spend whole day with phone easily.

HTC U Ultra: it has front camera of 16 mega pixel. It has two cameras and both are excellent. Its design is very beautiful. It has screen display 5.7. It has android operating system so you can install many apps easily.

LG G6: like Samsung, LG smart phone has long screen display. Even if the phone is on standby you can easily look for date, time and battery life. It has 13 mega pixel camera. Screen size is 5.7. It has good resolution. With reasonable size it is easy to carry in hands.

Hawaii P10: Hawaii is well famous brand these days it is Chinese made and is on third no is all mobile phone manufacturing companies. This smart phone is very beautiful. It has three cameras, in which one is on front and two back cameras. One camera is about 20 mega pixels. Screen is small but it has a battery life more than one day.

Google Pixel: google has also entered in the world of smart phones. Google has made an excellent smart phone. Its camera is 12.3 mega pixels which is fast and reliable. If you charge its battery for just half hour it will work for up to 7 hours without problem.


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