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Provide Children Healthy Food so they can be Healthy

Provide Children Healthy Food so they can be Healthy

If you eat vegetable then in return you will get biscuit. Usually such kind of reward we always offer to our children so they should keep eating healthy food so their health can be maintained. Such words you often listen by your parents. And your own children hear the same wording from you now. And certainly we will encourage our next generations on these words so our next generations could be healthy. We need to finish this culture now because it is not true that the food which is being prepared in home is good or bad it is totally depends on individuals who eat this food by their own choice. When we talk about different diets in front of our children these things impact their minds deeply. Because when our children hear different views about diets and nutrition after that they make conceptions about diet whether they should eat them or not. And because they are not able to make good relation with their diet after hearing different views regarding food and other things. Let see some views about diets how we can train our children about different kind of foods either they are healthy or not healthy.

How we should describe different foods. Children are at last children. Their minds are innocent. Whatever we will told them about any nutrition, food or about vegetables they will create their concepts about each food as we will guide them. We should basically told them that how they should each thing and how these things they are eating are useful and healthy for them. For that purpose always make it sure when you give your children something to eat it does not matter whether it is vegetable, meat, fast food, burger or anything you should always tell them that if they will eat these foods properly they will get energy, protein, fats and carbohydrates. Tell them when they will eat healthy food it will give them more power or energy so they can either study, playing games or any outdoor activity with full energy. They will perform well in school, in extra curriculum activities.

Rather than if we tell them that you must drink milk as you will get lots of calcium or fats and if they eat carrot they will get lots of vitamins and if they eat fish they will get lots of proteins. So if your kid likes to play football then told him that if he will drink milk regularly then his bones will get strong and his body will get strong and he can run faster. And then he will be more able to play games just like their favorite players play games in grounds. Like that way they will understand the concept of healthy food and they will understand the relation of health and healthy food.

To make good relationship with food and health it is necessary that you should tell your children that we always thanks to Allah for his blessings after eating food. Always start eating food with name of Allah that he has given us that blessing and always thanks and praise to Allah after finishing food that he has given us that food and energy. Children always understand this thing that they have to eat some food whenever they feel they are hungry and they should always eat proper food to get proper proteins and fats. To east very fast and in hurry is not a good habit anyway as your stomach will not able to digest food properly and there is a chance that you can get ill.

So always provide your children healthy food. Try to maintain their breakfast healthy. Always try to provide those eggs, butter or fresh milk to drink so they can get full energy and can perform well in their school or college. Always provide them healthy lunch so they do not need to buy anything from school canteen or from outside. Always give them healthy dinner and at least 3 hours before their sleeping time so they can digest food properly and can take a healthy sleep and their health can be maintain.


رائٹر نے بہت اچھے پیرائے میں صحت مند خوراک کے حوالے سے بات کی ہے۔ اور ساتھ ہی ساتھ اس حوالے سے بھی بات کی ہے کہ ہمیں بچوں کو خوراک کی اہمیت کے حوالے سے بتانا چاہیے۔ کہ اگر وہ صحت مند خوراک لیں گے تو ان کے جسم کے طاقت ملے گی اور ان کی کارکردگی ہر لحاظ سے اچھی رہے گی۔


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