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Life Style: Easy Way of Physical Fitness

Life Style: Easy Way of Physical Fitness

A new born baby needs breast feeding. It is very essential for his strong physical growth and strong bones. And if it is not possible or if there is any difficulty regarding breast feeding then it is necessary to give a good quality milk to new born baby because it is very essential to provide him or her a quality milk or nutrition so his or her bones could be strong that is beneficial for him or her to get strong bones in teen age or younger age. As the child grows up it is very necessary to keep him or her active either physically or mentally. Enough child to play out door or get engage in physical activities like light exercise and play different kind of games. That is why out door games are must for child physical growth. With this activity his or her weight will be in control or child will be active and healthy.

You should also play with child as you can help him or her to get encourage to involve in physical activities. When children engage with family and family also plays with child so they grow both physically or mentally. For example try to help your child to climb on some reasonable height. Try to remove any preventions. Try to engage child in any kind of adventure in the park for example to hide something in a plant or tree and ask your child to look for it. Child weight should not be increase because if their weight grows unreasonably then they can be hunted by any disease. Light exercise is also necessary for child so he or she can be active so he or she could spend his or her all day with full potential.

18 to 35 is the age factor where, a youngster prepare his or her self for practical life. Age of 18 where he starts his or her professional higher studies and until the age of 25 he or she is ready to start his or her professional life. From this age his or life style is totally changed. He or he starts a professional life where he or she earns and gets marry. Childhood easy life is ended by the age of 15 year. When he or she starts a professional life they get busy with their jobs and family life and then they are in every one’s eye. Their entire day is busy with job or different kind of activities such as work, meeting and social life. This is the age where you have to say good bye your young age activities like play, chilling with friends and lots of other kind of stuff.

Because after the age of 22 mostly being a young man or young woman a bright future is ahead. You have to get engage in practical life. But with this busy life you have to maintain your fitness as well. So mostly people get engage with different kind of physical activity clubs. They make some schedule of exercise every day through some fitness club or light running or exercises. When you start any gym or club you make new friends as well. This is the age where we make new social contacts. Indeed after the age of 25 an individual makes new contacts to be active in social circle. When you are in the age of 30 years it is very necessary that you look over on your daily routine as well as your diet. In this age body grows rapidly and mostly people get fatty.

So exercise is very necessary on daily basis. So to keep your body active and avoid tiredness make your habit of daily light running or walk. Because if you keep your body on exercise on daily basis with this you will be active all the day and will not feel any fatigue soon. It is also necessary that you consume healthy food so your metabolism could work well and your blood pressure is also normal. Due to today’s busy life an individual is hunted by different kind of mental of physical problems and the major problem is stress and anxiety which are now very normal problem in human being. So that is why we must maintain our health while working all day and must maintain our life style so could live a healthy and happy life.


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