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Learn and Speak English Language

Learn and Speak English Language

English language is the most common language use in all over the world and this language is a national language of about 88% countries all over the world. And almost 90% people all over the world understands and speaks this language. This language has its own importance. So far about Pakistan our literate population understands and speaks English so well. And Pakistan has made incredible development in this language in the last many years. The real fact is when British rulers left subcontinent they left so many things in subcontinent and their language was one them that was completely sustained in subcontinent culture. And now today speaking English is not a fashion but it is need of time. Because national language has some limits and then international language has impacts on our life. Let discuss some important things about this language how we can learn this language with full confidence.

By Reading: By reading we can understand this language. it does not matter that whether a novel is in English, or any short story, newspaper, magazine, any entertainment guide or otherwise just a piece of paper. You just read any kind of stuff that is in English it does not matter whether you are understanding it or not, just read it out. If you want to communicate well then it is essential to read and make grip on the language. By reading the real thing you approach if something is being read out by someone you will understand lots of thing especially how to speak what word and sentence on what occasion. Some sentences are relevant to general language which we usually use in daily routines.

By Observation: When you observe you learn. If you are learning something without observation it is just like a bird who try to fly without wings. So this is very true when you observe something and you are used to with observation you can speak English very well. By reading you observe different kind of sentences but if you want to speak English well and fluently then observe different people who speaks English in front of you and you will get what you are looking for. You will understand how to speak well, what should be accent and how you can demonstrate well in English. Try to copy other people when they speak English this will greatly help you to understand language and help in speak with full confidence.

By Listening: listening is very much important. Generally speaking if you do not understand Punjabi language then you will not be able to speak Punjabi well with other person. So the same thing goes in English language. You must listen carefully the other person when he speaks. If your listening is weak then listen English songs, English dialogues, any general sentence you are not understanding then listen it again and again and your listening will be improved. Talk with your friends who speaks good English and try to understand each word or sentence he is speaking and with time you’re listening will be improved.

By Speaking: With extensive exercise you can make grip on anything so same thing goes with language. Speak English and it does not matter how much good or in poor way you speak English and by time with good exercise you will get good grip on the language. When you try to speak with full confidence in start you will get confuse or nervous little bit but by time your confidence will be improved and you will speak the language with full grip and confidence. And by time your hesitation will be gone. You can speak English with good accent or grammar with continuous exercise.

By Writing: If you are week in English language then make simple sentences and make them exercise. Write at least one simple English paragraph by your own or either by copy some other stuff. Check your mistakes either grammar or spelling and gradually you will improve by writing rapidly and every day. Practice makes man perfect and this is very true. Everything demands some practice under you get expert in that. So the same thing goes in language. When you will make thoroughly practice then after some time the results will be very good. So write every day one page and correct your mistakes and you will be experts in few days or either week in writing good English essays.  


رائٹر نے بہت خوبصورت انداز میں اس آرٹیکل بلاگ میں انگلش زبان کے حوالے سے بات کی ہے اور کئی موضوعات کو زیر بحث لا کر بتایا ہے کہ کس طرح کوئی بھی اپنی انگش کو تھوڑی سے محنت سے اچھا اور بہتر بنا سکتا ہے۔


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