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How to Help Your First Graders with Homework

How to Help Your First Graders with Homework

The transition from kindergarten to first grade is one of the biggest for a child. Sometimes the kid fails to understand how to start his studies. Certainly, books and things change all of a sudden. As a parent or teacher, it is your duty to help the little one in this regard. Here is how to help the first graders with homework.

Break homework into small chunks

The very first thing you should do is break homework into small sections or chunks. This would make it easy for your kid to understand what to write and when to write. First graders have already spent most part of their day at school. This is why, they may feel that their homework is a big burden. Here a mother or a father can play a significant role. Divide the homework into daily, weekly, and monthly sections. This would prove to be fruitful as the children would not feel that they are kept under pressure.

Work together on homework

Another excellent idea is to work together to do the homework. It is not only needed for first graders but also for students of all classes. At school, students learn to live together and to be with a team of classmates. This develops good communication skills in them. While at home, they could feel alone when it comes to doing their homework. This is where your responsibility starts. You should teach your child how to work with his fellows so that all of them can do their homework in an efficient manner.

Be consistent

There is nothing more important than being consistent. This is especially applicable when the students are new to a class and they are to learn multiple things. There is nothing to hurry about. Go slow and steady to win the race. Just make sure that you are consistently there to help your first grader to do his homework. Teach him multiple topics at first hand he is most interested in. Then you should move on with the other complicated things to make him understand the subject matter.

Make independent reading engaging

For your child’s mental growth, you should make independent reading engaging. How can I do so? If this question strikes your mind then let me tell you that there are a lot of ways to do this. Sometimes first graders can find their homework to be an annoying and odd thing especially when they are to learn something. Make their reading interesting by offering them a couple of snacks they love the most. Moreover, you can ask them to watch television every now and then so that their mental capabilities do not get disturbed while learning.


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