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Get Skilled and Get Rid of Unemployment

Get Skilled and Get Rid of Unemployment

Technical education has always been a guarantee of sustainable economy. Our beloved country Pakistan has always been a center of skilled man power. It is a matter of fact that today as well there is no alternate of our skilled man power in all over the world. But there was a time when with skilled manpower Pakistan was well known in the whole world. Our skilled manpower was considered capable and skilled in their profession. Whenever our rulers and leadership visit overseas then the host country rulers and leadership demands for the skilled manpower. They ask to come our people in their country and serve them and also they can learn with our people while working there. The demand of our manpower in other countries was an example that there is no alternative of skilled manpower in other countries other than skilled Asian manpower. There was no any ground where our skilled people did not left their names. Foot balls made by Sialkot people, and also other sports goods that are prepare in different parts of the country by our skilled workers had no comparison with other workers in the world.

Workers in Wazirabad prepare households like crockery with amazing look. Faisalabad is famous for its clothing and Lahori workers are famous for their machinery of all kind. Since the establishment of Pakistan it has been over 70 years was a golden era of our hardworking workers for their unbeatable skills. Then an era came in the whole world that we can call technical education where the degree is more powerful rather than skill. This change has impacted our country as well a lot. So our youth also started preference on academic education and left technical education and the result was hundreds of graduates are being produced every year. They have no lack of education but they are not aware with technical education. Due to difference between conceptual education and practical education there are now wide crises of nontechnical graduates not only in Pakistan but in all over the world. So due to this problem there is wide shortage of technical and skillful people everywhere. Because conceptual education can give an individual a qualification but not a practical knowledge to get the job.

According to a report of United Nations that right now in the whole world there are more than 200 million unemployed people in which about 40% are young people. The biggest loophole of this unemployment is our Youngers that are not skilled with technical knowledge and its negative impacts are on the international economy. Due to just conceptual education when this category get into practical life and they seek for employment and due to unskilled education they are not able to get the proper job and then they get into the situation of frustration and stress. So it’s a need of time that we should get our young generation skillful. We must encourage technical education so they can get skill and can get employment easily or must be enough skillful to be self-employed.

According to international labor organization 30 kinds of professions consider to be very successful according to their classification. In all these 30 professions the most demanding professions are information technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, aeronautical engineering, space engineering, and aircraft maintenance engineer are the most in demand professions these days. So it is our core responsibility to educate our young generation with a technical education and get them skilled in technical practical professions so in future either they can get proper jobs in the market or otherwise they must be skillful enough to get self-employed and can earn their bread and butter easily.


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