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Get Energy from Beans and Lentils

Get Energy from Beans and Lentils

Either sports man or labor man both do physical hard working either by games or physical work. And beans or lentils is a best diet for such people who do physical work and this is great nature blessing for them. The reason is they are more cheap then different diets, and delicious foods available in the market. Even these lentils or vegetables provide us extensive amount of protein, fiber, minerals, antioxidants and also carbohydrates that consumes in the body very slowly. Lentils are also include in the same diet. In the following details we are telling you some beans that are very essential for human body that provides different kind of proteins and fibers.

Black and pinto beans: if you are fat or your body gets fatty easily then these kind of beans are best for you to east as this keeps your body slim. Each cup of beans keeps 19 grams of fiber so if you eat or consume only one cup of beans your hungriness will be finished. And after that after long duration you will not feel any hunger. So it will help reduce your body fat and your body gets on balance and slim. According to a research that has been done in a university of New York that such men who easts beans more frequently their body gets remain slim and they do not get fatty.

Soybean: all beans are treasure of magnesium, potassium, and calcium. That is why those players who eats beans are not hunted by muscles problems, and do not get other muscle problems as well. The characteristics of Soybean is it contains iron in it. If you feel tiredness after work, or you after walk you feel tiredness then you should Soybean as you have iron problems in your body and soybean is best diet for you. We consume one cup of soybean daily it provides us 50% of required quantity of iron that is essential for proper body function. Iron has a most important role of distributing blood in our whole body to maintain oxygen in our body.

Red and Kidney Beans:  the mail role of red and white bean is they maintain who body metabolism and maintain body perfectly compare to other diets. In red and white beans they contain antioxidants which are essential for our body. Furthermore Kidney beans one cub contains 40 grams of carbohydrates, and 15 grams of protein so these beans are best for patients who are ill and this is best diet for them.

Lentils: all lentils contains different vitamins and minerals and iron as well. if we east one plate of lentils daily we can get 37 percent of different vitamins and minerals and iron so eat lentils and get healthy. They have lots of benefits. For example lentils make our muscles strong. According to the researcher of Sydney University that those cycle riders who used lentils rather glucose, drinks and water. They rode cycles more than 20 minutes without tiredness. So it is proved if you do hard work then eat lentils are best. Lentils digest earlier and your sugar level is also under control.


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