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Few Famous Cities of the World

Few Famous Cities of the World

In all over the world every city is famous due to some reasons. We are mostly aware about different cities whey they are famous. For example Karachi which is called city of lights. But we are unaware with the reasons to whom these cities are famous. Every famous city has some realities of its familiarity. Today we are going to tell you of few cities of the world that why they are famous and will tell you some facts about these cities about which you will definitely be unaware.

Copen Hagen: It is one of the oldest city of Europe and it is being got famous day by day for entire world. All meetings and seminars of the world are mostly conducted here. Copen Hagen is a center of economic for entire world and it is now famous by the name of sellers of the city.

Chicago: This is a city of United States of America and is considered as the most populated city in the whole world. It is also famous due to its modern infrastructure buildings. Due to High above sky buildings this city is famous with a name of storms in the whole world. The air comes in this city from Lake of Mishi Gun and due to this city is famous with the name of city of air in the whole world.

Peters Berg: This is second big city of state Pennsylvania that is famous with the name of city of iron. In eighteen century iron industries was established in this city and then pure iron got from scrap due to this the city is called city of iron.

Karachi: The biggest city of Pakistan which is also called a city of lights. And Karachi is not only popular with the name of city of lights but also it has a strong economic that people from entire country comes in this city for employment. This thing is little strange however as due to bad electricity shortfall in whole city instead of this Karachi is called city of lights because if you go outside in night the city present a unique way of lights all over.

Dhaka: City of Bangladesh, Dhaka is also famous with the name of city of mosques. Before this Istanbul had the   same honor. But Dhaka has more than 700 mosques compare to Istanbul and Dhaka has less area compare to Istanbul.

Parag: This city is called golden city and it is also called heart of Europe. This name of Parag is due to three wonderful sea namely ballistic sea, North Sea, and Adriatic Sea which are on same distance from this city. The city is famous for its name golden city as there are so many golden roofs in the whole city.

Paris: Paris is not only the capital of France but it is also called city of love. The reason of this name is city has lots of such places where lovers sits together, romance together and spend hours with each other and express love for each other.

London: The biggest city of world and located in United Kingdom. London is also famous with the name of square mile. Due to this city area is not more than one mile however in the last few years the city is expanded and area is wide up to miles but official area of the city is still unchanged.

California: State of United States of America is also called a city of eggs. In this city from decades people are doing business of eggs and chicken. Ages before a plant was established in this city for eggs production and due to this reason this city is called city of eggs.




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