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Eggs and Human Health

Eggs and Human Health

Long winter nights and to eat hot eggs while watching television these moments are so much pleasant. Mostly people enjoys hot boiled eggs in winter nights but very few people knows that eggs are such a cheap and easy source to get proteins, and besides all of that it provides something special to our body which we cannot even imagine. Eggs contain amino acid, anti-oxide and iron which are essential for human body. Eggs yolk increase the quantity of Collin that resist against fats in human body and it reduces the danger of obesity. Eggs have amazing effects on human body that anyone could be compel to eat eggs.

Betterment in body resistance power:  if you want protection against infections, virus, and disease then eat eggs every day. According to American research each egg contain much quantity of selenium which support our resistance power system and it regulates thyroid Harmons so we are protected against different disease.

Better surface of cholesterol: eggs contain sufficient quantity of cholesterol it means that each egg contact 212 milligram cholesterol but it does not mean that egg increase bad cholesterol in body. Body itself makes continues cholesterol and according to a research eggs helps our body to maintain cholesterol level much better. And they increase the level of good cholesterol.

Reduces danger of heart attack: mostly due to bad cholesterol in the body arteries gets effected. And LDL particles increase in arteries and this thing increase the danger of heart stroke.  It has been declared according to different medical research reports that eggs increase cholesterol in human body but they also make such changes in human body which reduces the danger and chances of heart attack.

Increase energy and deficiency: eggs contains vitamin B 2 kind of Rabo Flivein which contains such acids that helps food be digest in human body and provide them sufficient fuel in shape of diet. Human body extract energy from good so that is why eggs are declared any amazing diet for human body which provides sufficient energy to human body.

Protect Brain: eggs are declared as brain diet as well. According to a British research an acid called Colane is essential for brain health.  Its absence can effect brain and its performance.

Strong bones and teeth: eggs are one of essential diet that provides sufficient quantity of vitamin D that is essential for the health of bone and teeth. Eggs contains such proteins which reduces demand of junk food. And you are energized the whole day and can work actively. Eggs helps digest calcium more quickly and undoubtedly it is much essential for the growth of bones.


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