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Education on Smart Phones Modernism

Education on Smart Phones Modernism

Today is the modern generation where we are using smart phones. Communication is extremely fast and science and technology is making progress very fast. Where we have smart phones we have mini computers as well and the whole world is now a global village. You can get online education and can also access online education material any time. Now the very modern way of education is electronic books. We are already saying good bye to books and paper study materials and moving ahead towards electronic media. Amazon has specially designed tablets that works just like e-book. Now look at smart phone. We are living in a digital world where we are not experiencing only smart phones but also smart city, smart dress, smart car, smart home, smart street, smart park, smart shopping mall, smart banking, smart computer which we can say super computers and quantum computers. Right now everything is connected with internet. Digital world has changed big data, cloud computing, internet things and internet for everything, GPS, Wi-Fi into virtual world.

Smart phone is providing us information through camera, audio and video records and mini computers. Social media like Facebook, twitter, emails, bloggers has connected students with their teachers and they can take any guideline and help directly from their teachers using these resources. So if we say that smart phone is our another teacher who is providing us educational information then it is reality. If you are attending a lecture you can use your smart phone to record lecture even video of your teacher who is giving instructions. Teacher has an important role in this way that they should provide a right guideline to their students that how they can use their smart phones to get better education.

Google has made incredible changing in promoting and developing education trends. Google search has made it very easy to search any kind of information especially educational materials and to contact anyone in the world with one click. There is so many websites in all over the world where we can get best educational materials and it is not matter that what level of education we are getting either it is medical, engineering, or information technology field. Google has made it so easy to find every kind of educational material online even online lectures that has been provided by different international universities on the sites for free.

The purpose of education is awareness. And this awareness we can get easily on smart phones using internet technology. Most of our students waste their time on smart phones playing games rather than to use it for education. It is necessary that if our children use smart phones we should interact them on reading good books on the phone or study materials. Children can learn so many things using their smart phones like improve their English language skills, can sharpen their vocabulary, learn new things every day, can sharp their mathematics skills and lots of other similar stuff.

Here we are also telling some useful educational website that can help students a lot to get better education and they can improve their skills and confidence.

Alison: here you can find 60 million different subjects on education that are recorded by different institutions all over the world and average 1.2 million users visit this site every month.

Courser: this is an educational web portal that works for universities. And if you want to use it free it provides different universities courses online. So you can study more than 542 courses online for free.

Udacity: this site helps you in subjects like computer, data science, and mathematics. This site provides courses based on projects and you can boost your education and career together using this site.

Open Culture: if you are looking for best educational materials in shape of courses, educational syllabus and videos, then this site is just a gift for you as you can find here lots of useful educational resources.

Khan Academy: from history to medicines, and from chemistry to computer technology you find here thousands of short lectures.

Zooniverse: nature, science, and culture you can find all these subjects on this site. On this site lots of other educational resources are available as well.

My Own Business: do you want to do your own business. Then this site is just for you. If you want to start your own business and want to become a new manager, then this site offers free business administration online courses.  


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