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Do Some Easy Work and Keep Yourself Healthy

Do Some Easy Work and Keep Yourself Healthy

Life is great blessing of Allah and we should care for it. If we do not care then we can be in difficult situation especially with health. When we keep our body healthy then we will be able to spend healthy life. To keep our body healthy it is necessary that we should maintain some essential things. What are these thing let’s talk about that.

Stomach: our health starts with our stomach. So it is essential to keep stomach in good condition. Eat health and moderate. Stomach is a center for all disease. If we eat unbearable then we can be hunted by disease. Eat less so you can maintain your health. Our body is in comfort if we eat normal.

Heart: heart is a machine. It keep active the whole body. It regulates blood in the whole body. Don’t be aggressive. Always keep yourself happy. Do not dishearten or get angry on little issues and problems. Always keep care of our heart so you can be healthy and can live a healthy life.

Dressing: care of your dressing. Always dressed sensible or maintain yourself with good dress. Do not wear very tight dress or you will feel uncomfortable. Always wear dress according to mood of weather. If you like wear waistcoat it is ideal dress for winter season. If you have healthy body and you like to wear t-shirts or trousers then it will suit your personality.  Wear only dress in which you feel yourself comfortable and can move here and there easily.

Shoes: shoes selection is also related to your health. If you wear tight shoes then indeed you will have problem in walking. Always wear leather shoes when you go outside. Leather shoes is always better with every season either it is hot weather or cold weather. Because leather is a stuff that keep you cold in winter or warm in cold weather.

Water: there is no doubt that water keep you healthy. According to physicians or health expert a human being must drink at least 8 glass of water in a day so he could be healthy. Always drink normal water it must not be very cold or hot but just normal. Always boil the water so all kinds of germs could be killed and drink always clean water. Clean and healthy water keep your body healthy.

Air: spend your time in morning or evening in open fresh air. Morning walk is best for human health. Early in the morning if you are used to with walk then walk in the park is best for you. This is a time when you can get fresh air and especially oxygen that maintains your lungs very well. In the morning take deep breath so fresh air or oxygen can reach to your lungs. In winter season keep open one window so fresh air can enter in the room.

Cleaning: clean environment is very essential for human health. If you live in a place where everything contain dust and you do not clean your room, sitting room you can be ill due to this dust problem. So keep your home always clean, take bath daily so your body can be clean all time, wash your dress daily and wear always clean dress.

Fruits: it says that one apple a day keeps you away from doctor. Always eat fruit according to weather. Eating fruits keep your body healthy. Always eat fruit according to weather. It’s not only keeps you healthy even keep you away from different disease.

Exercise: the most important thing in human life is exercise. Do walk daily and do light exercise or running. Especially in the morning time do light running in any park or breathe deeply you can keep your lungs always healthy. Avoid smoking if you are used to with it as it destroys health. When you do light exercise or running it keeps your blood pressure normal and saves you from many disease.


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