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Diabetic Patients Should Care of Their Diet

Diabetic Patients Should Care of Their Diet

Diabetic is now a worldwide disease and according to research each year the ratio is increasing. If you want to rescue from this disease then you must care of your diet. If you want to live a healthy life then it is necessary that you should maintain your everyday diet. Keep exercise every day. And always consume healthy diet. Eat only seasonal fruit and if you eat everything in a normal way it will keep a level normal of insulin in your body as well. We are going to discuss such foods here that are good for diabetic patients.

Almonds: it is now proved according to medical research reports that when human being eats food and after this consumes some almonds the level of insulin is maintained in the blood. Almonds are also useful in maintaining your body weight. When you eat almonds you do not feel hunger for some longer time.

Vegetables of green leaf: spinach, cabbage, and salad, these are all green leafy vegetables. In all these vegetables calories and carbohydrates are in less quantity. If you eat green leaf vegetables on daily basis it reduces the chance of diabetic up to 14 percent.

Fish: fish contains important fatty acids that keep blood pressure normal and reduce physical swelling and also is very important to reduce the danger of heart stroke. Diabetic patient must use fish twice in a week. Fish also provides best rescue against lungs disease.

Sweet Potatoes: according to American association of diabetic sweet potato reduce the resistance against insulin in human body. It also useful in maintaining the level of blood pressure. Sweet potato contains rich quantity of fiber as well, and fiber is very essential for heart disease and produce resistance against heart disease in human body.

Orange and Red Grapes: orange and red grapes contains so many ingredients which not only resist or stop thickness, heart disease and diabetics but also gives cure against these disease. According to the experts of British University of Warwick red grapes contains compounds of Trans raise verities and oranges contains compounds of haspritian and both compounds resist and stop diabetic, thickness, and heart disease. And both fruits are useful for diabetic patients.

Grape Fruit: Bucketra or grape fruit is a reddish fruit and less sweet compare to orange. This sour and full of juicy fruit it very useful for diabetic patient. Mostly physician’s advice diabetic patients to drink juice of grape fruit or either suck it.

Peep: peep contains vitamin A and C in a rich quantity. This tasty fruit eliminates fats from the body. Peep has rich quantity of fiber and potassium. It is very useful to reduce sugar level in the body and maintain insulin level in the blood.

Green Tea: this is an excellent herb for body. It increases the activity of insulin in the whole body and just one cup of green tea is useful for the reduction of diabetic in the human body.

Eggs Whit: egg is best food for human muscles. Eggs contains rich quantity of protein. If we use egg whit it is very useful for human body and reduces danger of diabetic and it stops the danger of diabetic 2 type because it contains less quantity of protein or carbohydrates.




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