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Companies That Use Prison Labor to Rake in Profits

Companies That Use Prison Labor to Rake in Profits

Working in jail is not a good idea, but working in these companies are equally harassing and irritating as you will have to face a lot of problems during your office hours. Here we have talked about the companies that use prison labor to rake in profits.


Mc Donald’s is one of the most famous fast food stores in the world. This company is guilty of buying a plethora of goods produced in jail, including plastic cutlery, containers, and uniforms. The inmates who had sewed the company’s uniforms made a lot of money, but the people who wore those uniforms earned even more as they were indirectly involved in the advertisement campaigns of McDonald’s.


Wal-Mart is one of the most controversial companies to date. It has had been involved in manufacturing and selling its products inside the jails despite the policy that states that forced or multinational brands like Wal-Mart do not tolerate prison labor. The prisoners spent hours in the heat on stripping the UPC barcodes and Wal-Mart serial numbers from its products so that those items could be resold in the global markets and to the retailers.

Victoria’s Secret

The iconic lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret, has hired inmates in California, New York, and Chicago over the years. This company hired them to sew undergarments and casual-wear. They were also responsible for replacing the "Made in Honduras" tags with “Made in USA” barcodes. In the 1990s, this company was accused of putting much pressure on the prisoners inside the jails.


The tech-giant, Microsoft, had previously used a subcontractor called Export who had inmates in both New York and Washington shrink-wrap software and up to 10,000 mouses. News outlets also report that this company emphasized the prisoners to work hard and paid them very little for their services in last few years.




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