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Career Planning

Career Planning

Every student should make some career planning before the end of his education. Almost majority of youngers will be getting education in any university. Years of hard working at last they have entered in year where they will be finishing their education. Now the time is near when they will complete their education and will be enter in practical life. But before this time you complete your education it is better to decide about your career. So when you complete your education a bright future is awaiting you. But it is only possible when you have made some good career planning during your studies. Here we are going to discuss some career planning tips which will be good for you.

Discover your Aptitude or Intension: have your asked yourself so far that whether you want to become an entrepreneur after studies or will seek the job. Most probably many students have thought about this. Anyways advice for you that think critically about your skills, abilities education and intensions. You can find many experienced and qualified teachers in your university who can give you better advice in this way and can help you a lot. Ask them that what is the most better career field for you in which you can get success. And we hope for this question your teachers will guide and assist you just like a father. And their advice will give you benefit to make balance between your education, skills, and aptitude. And you will be able to select a better field for your future.

Understand the Importance of Experience: when you finish your education in university then built your curriculum vitae. While preparing your CV a column of experience might give you difficulty. Most of the youngers left this empty due to no experience and they have nothing to write in this section. But no problem you can find some kind of job or internship while studying as when your term time is off seeking for some reasonable paid job and this would help you mention something in experience section. Likewise, you can get some practical work experience while earning your degree. Mostly when you do some internship in any good company during your studies and after your degree completion you contact with the same company again they get you hire on permanent job.

Use the Resources: are you studying in university. Do your university offer career counseling or they have career center? Mostly universities have career center but mostly students are unaware about them. Mostly these kinds of career centers are connected with such companies or institutes who seek qualified students. So career center provides them data of their most brilliant students and facilitate them with jobs opportunities. And mostly universities also conduct education fairs where such kind of companies’ representatives comes and interview students for upcoming opportunities and hired them as well. Beside this student should read newspaper on daily basis to find opportunities and also keep an eye on different seminars and convocation and job fairs to find opportunities.

Get Help from Experienced People: whether your degree is going to complete or either you have just earned your bachelor or master’s degree. Keep good contact and coordination with your relatives, friends, fellows and even teachers. It is not possible that in your circle or family there is any lack of successful people that you know very well. Meet such people and share their experiences of life and achievements. Whenever you meet some person who is settled in his life then must ask him of his secret of success in life. No doubt experienced people can help you a lot and they can share their life experiences with you. Ask them how was their first job interview, what interviewer asked them, and lots of similar questions. Ask them how you can overcome challenges in practical life and how you can be successful in getting good or reasonable job.




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