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Baseball and Golf Two Unique Games

Baseball and Golf Two Unique Games

Baseball: baseball is a game of one ball and a bat. It is played between two teams. Each team consists of 9 players. Each team tries its best to score maximum. One game consists of 9 innings. By principle guest team plays first and then host team plays. The first proper game of baseball was played in New Jersey in 19 June 1846. In 1992 this game was also included in Olympics. The ball that is used in baseball is made of rubber. The ball contain cork inside and then leather is around the ball and it has stitch around.  Bat is made of either of plan wood or otherwise of any kind of metal. The bat is about 42 inches long and its weight is around one kilogram. Bats man hits the ball with the help of bat. To catch the ball other player wears gloves so he can catch the ball easily hit by player. Baseball is a national game of United States of America and now this game is getting famous in Pakistan as well. Pakistan is on 5th number in Asia or on 25th number internationally. In April 2011, Pakistan defeated Sri Lanka in baseball game and became world champion in all Saarc countries. America, Japan, and Cuba teams are considered best in baseball game all over the world.

Golf: you will be often seen on the television screen that a person hits the white ball with a stick and then three or four persons are walking behind the ball. This game called golf. And it is called the games of rich persons. Before Christ times, Greeks played this game. This game is similar to Iranian game “Chogan”. Present game golf was started from Scotland in 1457 and its players are called golfers. The stick that is used in this game is of many types that is mostly made of wood or metal. And it is called club. This word club is a synonymous of German word Kolbe which means tool. Each player has 3 to 4 wood or 7 to 8 of iron club. The stick that pushes ball on the earth is called pultess. There are different holes on either earth or ground in which the ball is get in. Ground of game is distributed in different areas which are called Fairway Rougia Hazzards or Putting Green. Holes are called dogleg which are on left side. 18 holes golf game was started in United States of America in year of 1892 at Illinois. New rules were introduced in 2004 and golf is a national game of Scotland and in this game minimum score player is a winner. This game has no empire. Players records their score themselves.


رائٹر نے بیس بال اور گالف کے حوالے سے بہترین آرٹیکل تحریر کیا ہے اور دونوں گیمز کے حوالے سے بہت سی دلچسپ باتیں کی ہیں۔




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