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Around the World in just 80 Days

Around the World in just 80 Days

A madness cyclist of United Kingdom Mark B Mont had returned to his country after world tour in just eighty days. He had broken the record of Angelo Nixon of New Zeeland who had completed his world tour around the world in one hundred and twenty-three days.  Mark B Mont started his journey and journey about two hundred and forty miles per day to break the record of New Zealand citizen. B Mont also traveled around the world in one hundred and ninety-four days in year 2007 and 2008. But his record was broken by Angelo Nixon. He did not give up. He took it as a challenge and he travelled 16 hours in a day and travelled about two hundred and forty miles. He got love in every part of the world. Where ever he passed from public gathered around him and gave him warm welcome. On the roads far and far away people gave him hand and say welcome. The same events he faced in Africa and north post where press and local public gave him warm welcome and gave him lots of love. This coast strip was about 516 miles long. He completed his travel on this strip in about 37 hours and 36 minutes. If he stopped anywhere or he changed his route his program got delay.

When he entered in Africa he did not find anywhere his favorite dish to eat. There was a lack of goats. To avoid any bad circumstances or bad time and to face any unforeseeable reasons or challenges he had a big storage of biscuits. He was required around 8000 calories to ride cycle everyday about two hundred and forty miles. Hence every day a normal person eats two or three thousand calories in normal diet. It means that he was required almost three times more calories to get sufficient energy. So when he was in Africa he ate biscuits a lot. While travelling his normal speed was OK but while travelling in a way unbalanced ways stuck his normal travel speed. There he reduced his travel speed up to 15 miles per hour. But he had a target that he would complete his travel within 75 days on every cost. Therefore, this speed was also reduced so he completed his travel in around 80 days around the world. That time he had changed his route. That time he started his travel from north America and he included Iran, Pakistan, and Libya that are some difficult countries in his route. He says that this travel around the world was interesting but really challenging.

In south America he had been travelling on different routes. Because last travel he made in winter season so therefore he excluded all cold areas from his atlas. That time he preferred south states in his journey. So he included some areas from these states in his journey. He heard about Ditch factory that they make very good cycles. He was in need for a good cycle because normal cycle could not fulfill his requirements. Last cycle he had, he travelled about one million miles on that cycle. That cycle was light but reliable and cycle always required repair. But he could not keep repair tools with him all time. Therefore, he bought a new cycle for such adventures.

Basically he required such cycle that could meet his requirements and he could travel on that cycle comfortably with at least eighteen thousand miles. While travelling he faced some challenges in Russia. The major problem was in Russia to get clearance from authorities but he did not lose his heart and keep continue his travel. At the end of his journey he said that he experienced lots of adventures while travelling around the world and this time is always memorable for him.




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