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Are You Worried with your Child Homework? Give him attention!

Are You Worried with your Child Homework? Give him attention!

Majority of parents in our society has strong desire that their children should perform better in education field. For this purpose they select good schools and quality education for their children according to their financial status. Sometimes they want best education for their child without keeping in view their financial budget. But they ignore one thing that behind better education there is not only a role of school and teachers but being a parents they have equal responsibility toward their children education. When parents keeps so many hopes with teachers for their child better education just like teacher also keeps some hope with parents that they will equally pay attention to their child and their education. The time child spends in school he is teacher responsibility and when child returns home now parents are responsible that they should ask child how he spent all day in school and what homework he has from his teacher. Those parents who helps their child in completing their homework they should avoid this exercise instead of this they should sit with their child when he is doing homework and see how he is working. Here we are giving some suggestions that how parents can make it interesting to help their child to complete homework regularly.

Selection of time and place: select comfortable place for you child so he can work with ease and without disturbance. The best idea is to separate a small room in home where one table and chair is available or otherwise a writing table with comfortable chair is available for child to work with ease. There should be no mobile, or television in this room that can make any kind of disturbance. Avoid such things that can divert their attention. Make sure he has all relevant stuff like pencil, rubber, books, and note book or copies available so he can study with full attention.

Don’t scold your child: if your child feel difficulty or any kind of trouble in doing his homework they do not scold him and instruct him with love and care. If your child is some week in his studies then do not scold him because with this behavior he will be discourage and will not pay attention to studies properly. Encourage him and make him sure that with little attention he can easily complete his homework and also he will get good marks in his tests or examination.

Appreciate for his good work: if your child is intelligent and he completes his homework well in time and he studies himself without any instructions or orders then appreciate him. If your child is good in his studies then give rewards to him time to time and he will be more encouraged and will do more hard work for good results.

Give him breaks during studies: give your child reasonable breaks during studies time. If he is studying for the last half hour then give him little break so he can be fresh and then he will be more energized to study further. While break give him some snakes such as biscuits or chocolates to eat. Besides this you can also give him little games to play.

Do meeting with teachers: couple of days in a weak must meet his teacher to get his performance report in class room. Or make regular coordinator with his teacher on the phone and time to time inquire about his progress in the class room so you must be aware what he is doing in his class room. How he behaves with other children and what is his performance in weekly class tests or assessments.


رائٹر نے ایک بہترین آرٹیکل لکھا ہے جس میں اس نے مفید مشورے دیے ہیں کہ اگر والدین اپنے بچوں کی پڑھائی اور ہوم ورک کو لے کر پریشان ہوتے ہیں تو ان کو کیا کرنا چاہیے۔


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